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Vintage Palitoy Death Star

A great deal of gratitude is due to Dan "The Man" Curto (visit his great customizing site, The Custom Alliance), who graciously disassembled this huge playset and scanned it in pieces. Dan's actual playset is not complete - there is at least a gun missing on the top. The playset has been completely scanned though, and Dan even scanned the clips that hold it together.

These many scans are currently bundled together in one convenient ZIP file below. Since most of the pieces of the playset are double sided, many pieces in the ZIP file are named with a "-1" and "-2" appendix, to indicate that they go back-to-back.

Download (3.5 MB)
UPDATED on 7-24-08 with gun turret ring and assembly instructions

Other reference photos of the assembled playset:

Reference shot 1     Reference shot 2

Reference shot 3     Reference shot 4

Reference shot 5     Reference shot 6


This page last modified on 7/24/2008
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