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All Star Wars trademarks and images on this website are Copyright and Restricted by Lucasfilm Ltd and Hasbro, Inc. Original material is copyrighted by Erik Schroeder, 1997 - 2010. This is an unofficial fan site that is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd or any of its licensees.


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Star Wars Links

The following links will help you on your way to exploring the galaxy of Star Wars customizing and collecting. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good start. Banners for linking to this site are posted at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in linking to my site, or if you want me to link to your site, check out the Linking Tips FAQ.


The Official Star Wars Web Site
This site is officially licensed by Lucasfilm, Inc. and is a great place to find out about Star Wars and the upcoming prequels.

Hasbro, Inc
This is the official site of Hasbro, the company which produces most Star Wars toys. Check here for information straight from the source.

Tomart Online
Tomart's site is an Internet parallel to the newsstand periodical which highlights items of interest to toy collectors.

Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game
Decipher's site for its CCG contains information on the game itself as well as pictures of the actual game cards, of which many are dedicated to obscure characters and vehicles. These pictures can be found in the "Card Lists."

The Star Wars Collectors Archive
Gus Lopez is one of the great Star Wars collecting gurus, and his page reflects it! Plan to spend several hours.
Headed up by Philip Wise, this is an excellent resource for collectors, with photos of all the new Star Wars figures and collecting updates.

The premier Star Wars fansite. Find out the latest Star Wars news. Check out the multimedia archive. Download Star Wars fanfilms (like the parody TROOPS.) This is an all-around good site for anything Star Wars.

Ran's Realm
This site has some impressive Star Wars diorama pictures. Definitely worth a visit.

Jimbob-Wan's Image Depot
This site includes a bounty of customizing information for toys of all sorts, not just Star Wars. While there, be sure to check out "Instructional Articles" under "Links." There you'll find some excellent tips on how to perform common customizing actions.

Red 6
This site is an amazing resource of information on Star Wars characters. Included are pictures and short bios for just about any character you can think of.

Star Wars Technical Commentaries
Got a question about Imperial ranks? Want to know exactly how big a Super Star Destroyer is? Looking for a new way to customize a TIE fighter? The detailed technical and bibliographical resources on this page are undoubtedly the best way to answer these and more Star Wars questions.

Evan's Star Wars Cinema
Evan Mather's movies of Star Wars figures in action blew me away. You should definitely check out "Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure" and "Godzilla Versus Disco Lando".

Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide
This resource page, known in short as FFURG, is a great place to find tips on customizing techniques. It's the permanent resting place of all the knowledge of the Star Wars Customizing Listserv known as the Forgotten Force.

Daivd Syczylo's Page
Check out his "Toy Museum" to see his Star Wars collection, as well as the "Props & Replicas" section.

Custom Coalition
This group of toy customizers is dedicated to respecting other customizers' work (i.e., give credit where it's due), and helping out new customizers.

Niubniub's Universe
Hands down, the best Star Wars diorama site out there. Words cannot describe how amazing these dioramas are. There are plenty of cool graphics you can download and use in your own dioramas too.
A great site for getting the latest store reports for Star Wars toys. One of their main goals is getting collectors to network together to help fill in the gaps in their collections.

The Galactic Senate
A collectors forum for Star Wars based in the UK.

The Private Universe
A UK perspective on Star Wars news, including a forum, poll, chatroom and more.

Last Rogue Standing Customs
A website for Star Wars customs, with dioramas, a trade list, and a chat room.

Star Wars Helemts
The helmet, armor, and costume archive for the Star Wars galaxy. This site is a showcase of the very best Star Wars props: original, licensed, and fan-made.

Customizer's Cookbook
Over 150 customs, all rated with the FFURG Customs Rating System! Each custom has a parts list and a difficulty rating with it, so you can see how to make one of your own.

Sci-Fi Prop Shop
Dedicated to providing unique and original Sci-Fi weapons, armor, and more to the public for display, costume, or movie prop use.
Custom cards and vintage cardbacks. Pictures of replica props, plus tips and references for Imperial and Rebel costumes. Good stuff!

T'Bone's Star Wars Universe
T'Bone has a great site. It may be polished and spiffy looking like some of the soulless super-sites, but don't let that fool you. It's one of the last surviving true fan sites, with a unique perspective and personal feel. A large portion of his site is devoted to cut scenes.

Parts and Technical
A great site showcasing custom Star Wars armor and accessories.

The Custom Alliance
The super-site for Star Wars customizing, started by Dan Curto. See loads of customs by over 250 members!
Born initially to honor the Original Trilogy of the Star Wars saga, this site has expanded to provide the latest updates on scifi, gaming, and yes...Star Wars.
A great forum to discuss preservation of the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy, as well as fan edits of the entire Star Wars saga. You might see me around here too.

The Star Wars Archives
A multimedia examination of Star Wars from 1976 to the present. View obscure videos, tons of rare images, and Star Wars related magazines.

The Secret History of Star Wars
A mind-blowing examination of the development of the Star Wars saga, from George Lucas' early days as a filmmaker, to his last minute tweaking of the saga in the editing room for Epiosde III. Download the FREE 524-page book and read the whole thing!



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