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All Star Wars trademarks and images on this website are Copyright and Restricted by Lucasfilm Ltd and Hasbro, Inc. Original material is copyrighted by Erik Schroeder, 1997 - 2010. This is an unofficial fan site that is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd or any of its licensees.


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Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds

This section contains scans of stickers and background images that can be used in displays, dioramas, and customized Cinema Scenes. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this section to make it such a great success. The images may be large and load slowly, but they are high-resolution and are meant to be printed. If you have any other background scenes or stickers that you wish to post here, please e-mail me.

   DO NOT print these pictures directly from your Internet browser; I PROMISE you they will NEVER come out right. I recommend that you print them from PhotoShop or some other picture editing program. Check out my Stickers and Backgrounds FAQ for detailed printing and downloading instructions.

NOTE: All vintage, POTF2, Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III images are mixed together.

  Vehicle Stickers
  Playset Stickers
  Vintage R2 Stickers
  Logo Sticker Sheet for Figures
  Logo Sticker Sheet #2
  Micro Collection and Action Fleet Stickers
  Miscellaneous Stickers
  Non Star Wars Stickers

  Cinema Scene Backgrounds
  FX Figure Cardbacks
  Miscellaneous Figure Pack Backgrounds
  Vehicle & Mini-Vehicle Backgrounds
  Playset Backgrounds
  Land of the Jawas Playset
  Vintage Hoth Ice Background Adventure Set
  Vintage Death Star Playset Panels
  Vintage Palitoy Death Star
  Vintage Display Arena
  The Battle at Sarlacc's Pit Game
  Custom Backgrounds
  Miscellaneous Backgrounds
  Desktop Wallpapers

Other Inserts
Vintage instruction sheets and additional stickers can be found at,, and Robdean's Star Wars page.



Are you looking for background images that can be used with the Ultarama Diorama System? Check out the Ultarama Backgrounds Page at Rebelscum and Red 6's Ultarama Backgrounds.


Hoping to find
(Please e-mail me if you have 300 dpi scans any of these)
Vintage 3-Pack backgrounds
Vintage TIE and Slave I hangar backdrop (High-quality)
POTJ B-Wing background
Fan Club 2-sided background (Jabba's Palace/Geonosis)
OTC X-Wing stickers



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