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The Fonts section has been updated with another new font, inspired by the inscription on Darth Vader's chest box:
    Sith Prophecy Font

In the FAQ section, I've added:
    Fonts FAQ - Improved instructions on how to install fonts

In the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vehicle Stickers page:
       Episode I Trade Federation Tank Stickers
    On the Vintage R2 Stickers page:
       Custom Blue and Yellow Vintage R2 Stickers
    On the Micro Collection and Action Fleet Stickers page:
       Micro Collection X-Wing Stickers
       Micro Collection TIE Fighter Stickers (Incomplete)

My Trade List has been updated.

I still have some new Guest Customizers in the pipeline. Look for them in the next update.


The problem with my Metal Rebel Font has been corrected (there was an error in the ZIP file). The mass downloading may now begin.

I also have a new review in the Editorials section:
    Review: Attack of the Clones

I'd have more updates, but my hard drive recently crashed. Luckily, I didn't lose too much. My advice to you: Stay away from IBM hard drives. My particular model was a Deskstar, whose (unbeknownst to me) awful reputation has earned it the nickname "Death Star". I wish I could be amused by the irony.

I should have another font soon (hint: "his deeds will not be forgiven"). I'll also have some dioramas by Guest Customizers and plenty of goodies for the Cards, Stickers & Backgrounds section.


The Fonts section has been updated with a new font by me, inspired by a Y-Wing helmet from ROJ:
    Metal Rebel Font
And if you liked my Engli-Besh Font, you might want to check out Dan Zadorozny's "Imperial Code" font over at Iconian Fonts. Great minds think alike ;D

In the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vehicle Stickers page:
       Vintage AT-AT Stickers
       Vintage Battle-Damaged X-Wing Stickers
    On the Playset Stickers page:
       Vintage Darth Vader's Star Destroyer Playset Stickers
       Custom Stickers from Vintage Darth Vader's Star Destroyer Playset
    On the Miscellaneous Stickers page:
       Custom Vintage Carrying Case Stickers
       Playskool Millennium Falcon Stickers (4.6 MB)
    On the Playset Backgrounds page:
       Custom Torture Chair from Vintage Sears Cloud City Playset
    On the Custom Backgrounds page:
       Geonosis Landscape Background
       Path to Jabba's Background
       Jabba's Gate Background
       Imperial Door

Two pages in the FAQ section have been updated:
    On the Stickers and Backgrounds FAQ - What kind of paper you
       should print your stickers on
    On the Customizing Tips and Questions FAQ - Where to get vintage-
       style blister bubbles for carding figures

I shook the dust off the Links page and cleaned it up a bit. I updated the links for 4 pages and added 7 new links. I also removed 11 old links that no longer worked. (Is it just me, or isn't it sad when websites just disappear like that?) The new links are:
     Star Wars Helemts
     Customizer's Cookbook
     The Ultimate Boba Fett Resource
     Sci-Fi Prop Shop
     Star Wars Restoration Site
     T'Bone's Star Wars Universe

My Trade List has also been updated.


No. You are not hallucinating. This is an actual update.

Last year was a bust as far as the website goes, but I settled into fatherhood pretty well. As one kind e-mailer recently wrote, "parenting takes precedence over geek activities". I couldn't agree more. Thanks to everyone who stuck with the site during the inactivity, especially those who wrote in. So, let's get on to the updates themselves.

The Fonts section has been redesigned slightly. I've added several links at the bottom of that page for sites where you can find other Star Wars fonts. And I've added two whole new fonts, made by none other than me:
     Engli-Besh Font
     Dark Katarn Font

In the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vehicle Stickers page:
      Vintage Slave I Stickers
      Vintage AT-ST Stickers
      Vintage Desert Sail Skiff Stickers
      POTF2 Custom 2-Seater AT-AT Stickers
      Updated POTF2 Speeder Bike Stickers
      Episode II Republic Gunship Stickers
    On the Playset Backgrounds page:
      Vintage Action Display Stand Background

There are a few other updates in my pile that still need to be posted. The Links page is in major need of overhaul, and the Trade List is so out-of-date it's embarrassing. As far as customizing, I really don't foresee having the time to work on anything in the near future, unfortunately. And for some reason customizing just isn't as fun as it used to be. But I have been getting more into the whole font thing lately.


This website is dedicated to the memory of Tricia Cook, The Star Wars Lady.


This page last modified on 5/29/2008
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