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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997

What's New

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Hello. Remember me?

In the Fonts section, I've posted an updated version of the Mandalorian font. In the old version I had to "make up" a few of the letters, but this new version is much more accurate. Thanks to Froste for his help in putting this together.


On the vehicle stickers page, I've added the following stickers:
    AT-TE Stickers
    Clone Wars Arc-170 Stickers

On the Non Star Wars Stickers page, I've posted a great reproduction sticker that Alan Tremblay created:
    Bionic Woman Beauty Salon Stickers

In the Fonts section, there's a new font named Snubfighter. This is a readable font that replicates the look of my Metal Rebel font. Dan from Iconian Fonts approached me about collaborating on this font. But to tell the truth, Dan did almost all of the work on this beauty and I just made a few suggestions. Dan is a great guy and I really enjoyed collaborating with him! (By the way, Dan is a font powerhouse, and you should definitely visit Iconian Fonts to check out his work.)


For about a year and a half now, I've been attending the meetings of the Houston area Fan Force. We meet once a month to just hang out and talk about Star Wars and other sci-fi. We're a ragtag group of collectors, members of the 501st and Rebel Legion, and even several regular schmoes (like me). We're looking to expand and start holding bigger events. So if you're at all interested, please head on over to the Houston board on the Fan Force Forums.


On the vehicle stickers page, I've added the stickers for the "Big" Millennium Falcon.

Random Star Wars Links

Speaking of the Big Millennium Falcon, here's a thread over at the Rebelscum Forums by "cramer", who has done an outstanding job of painting the new Falcon so that it almost looks like a screen-used prop! It came out so well that I may even take a crack at it.

I've previously mentioned Sillof's Steampunk Star Wars customized figures. Now he has come out with his Steampunk Return of the Jedi figures as well.

Several years ago, development for a movie named "5-25-77" was announced. This was to be the story of Patrick Read Johnson, a young aspiring moviemaker whose life would be changed by the release of Star Wars in 1977. Since Star Wars Celebration IV in May of 2007, this movie had kind of disappeared from radar. Then barely a week ago, an almost-finished cut of the film - now renamed simply as "77" - was screened at the Hamptons International Film Festival. Yet the real reason I'm telling you about all this is to mention Rick Ingalsbe's 5-25-77 articles. Check out Rick's inspirational story of how he went from a guy who liked to build Star Wars models to being an integral part of the production of "5-25-77".


The Palitoy Death Star page has been updated. In the ZIP file that contains all the files, I've included scans of the gun turret ring and the original 2-page assembly instructions. Enjoy!

On the Metal Rebel font page, I've add a rather obscure note about the Y-Wing helmet from ROTJ. The helmet displays a sticker for a pirate radio station known as "Radio Free Bolinas" (thanks to "Howlrunner" from for the info). This is fascinating to me, but probably no-one else.

Some of you may remember how, another site that hosted many stickers and instructions, went offline and reopened later as Well, is now gone for good as well. But all of the files that used to be at can still be downloaded here - from the Wayback Machine at If I ever find the time, I may go through the trouble of downloading all of them and hosting them here.

Some Random Star Wars Links:

An oldie but goodie: Death Star Attack PowerPoint presentation. Watch for the Blue Screen of Death at the end.

You may have already seen Sillof's Steampunk Star Wars customized figures. Now he has come out with his Steampunk Empire Strikes Back figures as well.

I stumbled across a website by John Booth,, with a really great series of essays about his memories of dreaming of, buying, and playing with Star Wars toys in the 70s and 80s. Start with the first essay Summer, 1977, and be sure to click on the rest of the 11 installments at the bottom of his page. If you like these, you might want to check out his book "Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek - The First 30 Years", which is available for purchase here. (And no, John didn't ask me to push his new book. I just did this out of the goodness of my heart because I enjoyed his essays.)


On the Non Star Wars Stickers page, I've posted some images that Jorge Villar sent in:
    Six Million Dollar Man Stickers
    Six Million Dollar Man Shirt Sticker
    Six Million Dollar Man Video Center Instructions - Front
    Six Million Dollar Man Video Center Instructions - Back
    Six Million Dollar Man Tattoo Cardback
    Bionic Woman Mission Purse Instructions
    Bionic Woman Mission Purse Paper Sheet
    Bionic Woman Mission Purse Plastic Sheet

Star Warps
Robin Haggett asked me to mention a project he's been working on called "Star Warps". He's basically creating a Star Wars parody movie using his vintage Palitoy figures and ships. He's got a trailer of the project up at his website. Check it out.


Some new stickers on the Non Star Wars Stickers page:
    Battlestar Galactica Viper Stickers

The traditional pruning of the Links page has been completed. I've also added the following new links: - One of my personal favorites
    The Star Wars Archives
    The Secret History of Star Wars

And about that last link, let me just say this: The Secret History of Star Wars is a FREE fan-made book about the development of the Star Wars saga, from George Lucas' early days as a filmmaker, to his last minute tweaking of the saga in the editing room for Epiosde III. Download the mind-blowing 524-page PDF and read the whole thing! You won't regret it.


Some updates for the fonts section:

I've posted a new font: New Futhork. This is a Naboo font that I started work on years ago, and I recently looked back at it. It just needed a little more work, so I decided to finish it up. It's missing numbers and most punctuation (so it's technically version 0.5), but all the letters are there. There's a similar font out there called "Naboo Futhork" (which doesn't have all 26 letters), but my "New Futhork" is pretty different, and it comes from a much better canon source (the "Battle for Naboo" video game). So check it out.

I've updated my Mandalorian font page with a quote from Karen Traviss concerning the accuracy of my font.

I've added a mention of the Astro font and Aurebesh font by David Occhino Design.


Hello again

Damon from Probot Productions (check out his site for some great stuff) sent in the two following images on the miscellaneous backgrounds page:
     Cover for Vintage ESB Carrying Case
     Custom "Figure Style" Cover for Vintage ESB Carrying Case
(If that custom cover doesn't make you smile, then you truly have no soul.)

On the vehicle stickers page, there are updated stickers for Sebulba's Pod Racer sent in by Fernando Aranda. These are in a much higher resolution than the stickers I used to have on the site.

I've also added a new page that shows off some of the tattoos people have made from my fonts: Fonts In Action. I'm not into tattoos myself, but I find this humbling and incredibly cool.


Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997!

Sorry I've been away for a while. People have been sending me things to post, but life has been keeping me very busy, and I just haven't had the time to get to it. So I've decided I just need to start posting things that I've been sent, in no particular order. My personal goal is to try to make one post a week.

So first off, I'll post some vehicle stickers:

Darth Orsan has sent in the following:

Episode III Kit Fisto Starfighter stickers

Episode III Kit Fisto Starfighter instructions

Matt from has sent in 2 great "restored" stickers:

Vintage X-Wing Stickers - Matt says: "This is not a scan but an enhanced version of a scan. The original scan that I found was too small, so I enlarged it but this left the scan blurry. The only solution was to enhance it pixel by pixel. This took many hours stretched across a 1-month period, and actually turned out better than any of the scans I have done."

Vintage Vader's TIE Fighter Stickers - Matt says: "This sticker sheet will have to be printed twice (once for each wing). This one started out as a scan of the original stickers that dried up and fell off. I used this scan simply for sizing and pattern. After that it was about a month's worth of pixel-by-pixel repairing and a lot of copy and paste to get the size and pattern just right. I know the sheet isn't all straight, but once you cut them out and apply them, it looks perfect."

Matt also offered some great advice on printing reproduction stickers:

"I have also figured out a way to make the stickers printed on Avery 8165 look almost exactly like the originals (same texture too). First spray them with an all-purpose sealer designed for wood and other porous materials. Don't spray it too heavy, or it will cause the ink to run (I used an Airbrush with several very light even coats). Once that dries, you can then spray it with Crystal Clear Acrylic (I used Krylon brand) without fear of the ink running or getting that wet-paper look on the white parts, and eureka they look like the originals."




This page last modified on 7/13/2010
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