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Vehicle Stickers

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Vehicle Stickers: Vintage

"Restored" X-Wing Stickers
(Restored by

"Restored" Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Stickers
(Restored by

Imperial Troop Transport
(Scan by Heiko Luetten)

Imperial Cruiser
(Scan by Brandon Hanes)

Palitoy X-Wing
(Scan by Peter Hodgson)

Rebel Transport (7 MB)
(Scan by Glen from Sydney)

Redrawn Slave I
(Image by Jacco Breedveld)

Slave I
(Scan by Todd)

(Scan by Rob)

Battle-Damaged X-Wing
(Scan by Alex Newborn)

(Scan by Glen Morris & Jabba)

Desert Sail Skiff
(Scan by Rob)

(Scan by Michel Jubault)

Millennium Falcon (889 KB)

(Thanks to Lee Harris)

Droids Side Gunner

(Thanks to Lee Harris)

Cloud Car

(Thanks to

Remote-Controlled Sandcrawler

(Thanks to


(Thanks to

Droids ATL Interceptor

(Thanks to

Imperial Shuttle
Page 1, Page 2
(Scan by Brent McCracken)

Battle Damaged TIE Fighter

(Scan by Brent McCracken)

Vintage A-Wing (447KB)

(Scan by d'Art Lykins)

Vintage TIE Interceptor (782 KB)

(Print 2 copies for a complete set)
(Scan by Lee Harris)

Vintage B-Wing

(Scan by Star Wars Insert Guide)

Vintage Y-Wing

(Scan by Star Wars Insert Guide)

Vintage TIE Fighter Wing

(Print 8 copies for a complete set)

Vintage TIE Interceptor / Vader's TIE Fighter Dashboard

Vintage TIE Fighter Dashboard

Vintage X-Wing Top Nose


Vehicle Stickers: POTF2

Custom 2-Seater AT-AT
(Image by Neil)

(Scan by Jabba)


(Thanks to Paul Harrington)

Custom Gray POTF2 X-Wing (Wraith Squadron)

Slave I (641 KB)

(Thanks to Cesar Plasencia)

Custom Imperial Kill Marks

(Thanks to Tony Rice)

Custom Kill Marks (Power F/X X-Wing scale)

(Thanks to Jason Fleigel)


(Thanks to Cesar Plasencia)

SOTE Outrider (511 KB)

(Scan by Brent McCracken)

POTF2 Millennium Falcon (934 KB)

(Scan by Brent McCracken)

POTF2 X-Wing (572 KB)

(Scan by Brent McCracken)

POTF2 Darth Vader's TIE Dashboard

POTF2 A-Wing

POTF2 Power F/X X-Wing

Custom X-Wing Dashboard

(Custom image by Michael Coutts)

Custom Blue Power F/X X-Wing

(Image by Aaron)

Custom Green Power F/X X-Wing

(Image by Aaron)

Custom Purple Power F/X X-Wing

(Image by Aaron)

Custom Yellow Power F/X X-Wing

(Image by Aaron)

POTF2 Speeder Bike - Biker Scout version

(Scan by Luke Hu)

SOTE Swoop

(Scan by Dan Curto)

Luke's T-16

POTF2 Airspeeder


Vehicle Stickers: Episode I

Trade Federation Tank

Naboo Royal Starship:
1st half, 2nd half

Naboo Fighter

Sebulba's Podracer
(Scans by Fernando Aranda and Warren Harold)

Anakin's Podracer

Anakin's Podracer - 12" version
  (Made by Hans VanDerMaas for his 12" scale Anakin's Podracer)

Flash Speeder


Vehicle Stickers: Episode II

Republic Gunship
(Scan by Dan Curto & Engineernerd)

Slave I
(Scan by Myke Dayton)

Jedi Starfighter (1.5MB)
(Scan by Myke Dayton)


Vehicle Stickers: Original Trilogy Collection

Millennium Falcon
(Scan by Brandon Hanes)


Vehicle Stickers: Episode III

Kit Fisto's Starfighter:
Stickers, Instructions
(Scan by Darth Orsan)

Anakin's Starfighter

(Scan by Edward from Australia)

Obi Wan's Starfighter

(Scan by Edward from Australia)


(Scan by Engineernerd)


Vehicle Stickers: Legacy Collection

"Big" Millennium Falcon


Vehicle Stickers: Clone Wars


Clone Wars Arc-170




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