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Trade List

This list is divided into Items I have for trade and Items I want, which you can offer me in trade. The items described as "vintage" were produced between 1977 and 1995. "New" items have been produced from 1995 to the present. New figures are MOC unless otherwise noted. Vintage figures are loose, incomplete unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in anything you see here, or have something to offer in trade, please e-mail me. To find out about conditions, bad traders, or other trading terms you may not understand, check out my Trading and Collecting FAQ.


Items I Have

NEW (1995-Present):

  • Loose complete Hangar Duel Anakin Skywalker
  • Loose complete Death Star Trooper
  • Boxed Skiff Guards Cinema Scene
  • Loose POTF2 (Buff) Chewbacca (c-9)
  • Loose POTF2 (Buff) C-3PO (c-9)
  • Loose Chewbacca from Death Star Escape Cinema Scene (no binders, c-9)
  • Loose Han Solo from Jabba (Special Edition) Beast Pack (no blaster, c-9)
  • Loose Mail-Away Spirit Obi Wan (c-9.5)


  • Jedi Duel Vader, with cape from Buff Vader (saber included)


  • Loose original "dog boy" Leia (with cape; no hands)
  • Vintage Princess Leia (no head or cape)
  • Flashback Luke torso and upper legs
  • Nien Nunb head (no peg)
  • Garindan head
  • Bossk head (slight filing around peg, but peg intact)
  • Vintage Hammerhead with left leg missing (might be good base for Ithorian senator)
  • Buff Luke Torso (cut in 2 pieces across front, but can be repaired)
  • Buff Han Torso (cut in 2 pieces across back, but can be repaired)
  • Emperor's torso (in 2 pieces)
  • Emperor's Royal Guard (i.e., candlestick; no head or cape)
  • Front half of Royal Guard cape
  • Front half of Boba Fett's torso with emblem filed off
  • blade from Vader's saber

FREEZE FRAMES (Slides Only):

  • Death Star Droid slide
  • Death Star Trooper slide
  • Bespin Luke slide
  • Ceremonial Luke slide
  • Luke Blastshield slide
  • Ewoks slide

VINTAGE (1977-1995):

  • loose Chewbacca (c-9, no bowcaster)
  • loose Chewbacca (c-8, no bowcaster)
  • loose X-Wing Luke (c-7.5, no blaster)
  • loose Stormtrooper (c-7.5, no blaster)
  • loose Stormtrooper (c-7.5, no blaster)


  • Star Wars Interactive Video Board Game (complete in c-9 box)
  • Slave I Model Kit (unopened in c-10 box, 1995)

Items I Want

NOTE: Loose complete is fine

NEW (1995-Present):

  • 2002 R2-D2 and C-3PO Holiday Set
  • 2004 Jawas Holiday Set
  • Episode III Red Senate Guard

VINTAGE (1977-1995):

  • Vehicle Maintenance Energizer



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