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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Eddie Kossa
Millennium Falcon

Recipe and picture by Eddie Kossa


This is a '77 Millennium Falcon that has had a face lift. I re-did the outside of the falcon with the 1995 stickers. I also black-washed the side panels. My last modification to the exterior was never finished but I wanted to invert a canopy glass and mount bottom turret cannons. The most noticeable change is the 1995 cardboard background. I selected it because I wanted to add a tunnel near the exit/entry ramp. The tunnel is made of auto air filter ducting.

On the inside I installed 8 LED lights powered off of the 2 C batteries from the battery compartment. There is a light installed inside the tunnel to give a glowing effect. Also some indirect lighting was placed behind the two rear landing gear pillars. Indirect lighting worked great. The cockpit is still under construction, but I did remove the rear wall and added some lighting.

The instrument panel shown by the POTJ Chewie is an old side panel off of a Falcon, just painted with an instrument-like appearance. (The landing gear still goes up and down.) The floor is painted with a battleship gray gloss. I would like to add a fine wire mesh to the lower floor to make the appearance of grating.



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