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All Star Wars trademarks and images on this website are Copyright and Restricted by Lucasfilm Ltd and Hasbro, Inc. Original material is copyrighted by Erik Schroeder, 1997 - 2010. This is an unofficial fan site that is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd or any of its licensees.


Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Here you will find some pictures of Star Wars figures, vehicles, and accessories that I have made using parts from existing toys. Each page has a description of how I made these figures, in case you happen to feel the creative urge. More recent figures are at the top of the list. Generally speaking, the older figures at the bottom of the list are simpler to make and more appropriate for beginners. For customizing tips and techniques, check out my FAQ (I do not sell my custom figures. Read why). Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


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Y-Wing Pilot

B-Wing Pilot

R-A7 (Sandcrawler Droid)


ANH Stormtrooper

Vintage Rebel Trooper

Dave Dorman Dark Empire Luke

Kir Kanos (Imperial Guard)

Danz Borin

Non-Buff Rebel Fleet Trooper III (Firing)

Snowspeeder Luke with Removable Helmet

Lirin Car'n (Cantina Bith Patron)

Guri from Shadows of the Empire

X-Wing Luke with Removable Helmet

Sandtrooper with Probe Droid

Commtech Sandtrooper

Ultimate Darth Vader

Speederbike Leia with Removable Helmet

Speederbike Luke with Removable Helmet

Dark Forces Kyle Katarn with Jacket

Non-Buff Rebel Fleet Trooper II

Repositioned Naboo Royal Security

Hrchek (Cantina Saurin)

Rebel Gunner

Not-Too-Buff Stormtrooper

Imperial Army Trooper

Imperial Navy Crewman

AT-PT Driver

Jabba's Palace Luke with Hood Down

Non-Buff Boba Fett

Redone Boba Fett Rifle

Female Stormtrooper

Bespin Escape Leia


Imperial Special Intelligence Agent

Non-Buff Greedo

Major Bren Derlin

Echo Base Han Hoth

Vintage Imperial Security Bureau Officer

Customized Vintage Ewok

Articulated Non-Buff Chewbacca

Articulated Tusken Raider

Mon Calamari Trooper

Death Star Trooper

Imperial Scanning Crew

Saber-Firing R2-D2 with Corrected Third Leg

Redone Luke in Coruscant Guard Disguise

The Ubiquitous Man of Mos Eisley

Captain Antilles

Sergeant Doallyn

Non-Buff Rebel Fleet Trooper

Non-Buff Lando

Cantina Dude

Bo Shek

Vintage Stormtrooper as Dewback Rider

Dagobah Phantom Vader with Removable Head


Correct Rebel Fleet Trooper Rifles

Imperial Navy Lieutenant

Force Training Ben Kenobi in Robe

Multi-Purpose Ben Kenobi

Special Edition Sandtrooper with Macrobinoculars

Sentry Stormtroopers

Dead Stormtrooper

Repositioned Stormtrooper

Non-Buff Carbonite Han

Han Solo in Endor Bunker Gear

Wedge Antilles in X-Wing Gear

Detailed X-Wing Fighter

Redone Luke Stormtrooper

Vintage Princess Leia in Bespin Escape Outfit

Lando in Coruscant Guard Disguise

Redone R5-D4

Customized Vintage Tatooine Luke

Redone POTF2 Sandtroopers

Accurate Vintage Death Star Droid

Vintage Grand Moff Tarkin

Detailed Vintage Stormtrooper

Detailed Vintage Luke Stormtrooper


Possible Upcoming Projects:

Vintage Rocket Firing Boba Fett



This page last modified on 8/20/2017
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