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Alex Newborn
Star Tours Diorama

Descripton and pictures by Alex Newborn


Let me say one thing... I LOVE Star Tours. I love Star Tours TOYS. But there is no good place to display them... so what is a good customizer to do?

My first idea was to repaint a vintage Droid Factory base, I had several of those in varying condition. But as more figures were brought out, they began to overrun it. (I sent in-progress pics of the painted base to my pal Andy who works at Star Tours-- when I added the parallel blue stripes with a thin vinyl tape, he said it really began to evoke their architecture.)

The walls and floor which surrround it are simple foamboard in two colors. The artwork for the left wall comes from an old Starlog magazine article about the ride, it's an actual frame from the rear-projection reel you watch during the flight. The artwork for the rear wall comes from a Tokyo Disneyland post card.

The cool thing is, the walls and floor break down flat, and the entire thing can be stored in a plastic under-bed sweater box.

Yes, the Starspeeder toy is the wrong scale to be with the figures (although from certain angles it looks great). But, technically, several of the figures are the wrong scale. The G2 goosebots are small enough at the ride that they need to stand on a box to repair R5-D2's chest. And SK-Z38 is even smaller, though his figure is a huge whirlybird.

Here are some closer details of the ST diorama. Note how good that Starspeeder toy looks in the closeup of Artoo.

VINCENT, the robot from the Disney film 'The Black Hole' makes a cameo in one frame.



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