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Alex Newborn
Death Star Diorama

Descripton and pictures by Alex Newborn


I customized my vintage Death Star playset using some backdrops printed from film frames and some labels from (Chris Curl's Custom Vintage Death Star 2 stickers).

Below you can see two backdrops I created from film frames. The first one is the Death Star Control Room backdrop. It will have to be resized to the individual's needs. I just sort of eyeballed it in my Print Layout program, cropping just the central section, but got it too small and had to fudge it when I applied the adhesive paper to the cardboard.

"She's rich."

Custom Death Star Control Room backdrop

Next is the Death Star Conference Room backdrop. Let me tell you, it was a pain to take Vader out of this film frame. Tarkin was easy, he moved across the room so I just married two empty segments of the room from two different film frames. But Vader just stood there! So I had to clone pieces of wall and table and chairbacks to paste over him.

"This bickering is pointless."

Custom Death Star Conference Room backdrop



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